Jeffrey Foerster

Fast 125’ M/Y Skyler

“This is the new generation, there’s just no comparing the manoeuvrability of an Azipull with a conventional shaftline propulsion system.”

Jeffrey Foerster has trained on simulators at the Rolls-Royce Technology and Training Centre in Norway and has gotten hands on training at Benetti’s yard in Viareggio. “As with any new technology, and here we are talking about the newest technology, there is a learning curve. You have to train because it can take some time to get used to the new controls system, especially now that the Azipulls can be manoeuvred independently of each other.

“The joystick controls are also very precise and intuitive and a great control element. But you can’t beat the Azipull’s manoeuvrability, an important feature when you have a lightweight yacht with a carbon fibre superstructure and 5,200 HP engines.

“You just get an incredible response with this system; lots of things are possible. A boat is in perpetual motion, but when you use the dynamic positioning feature you really do stay on the same spot. This feature is really convenient when you’re launching the tender and dropping off guests who’re going ashore, for example. The owner loves the fuel efficiency and the guests love the quietness and lack of vibration.

“But for me, the best Azipull feature is the manoeuvrability and having the Rolls-Royce technical support. And it’s only going to get better”.

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