Roberto Cuomo

Fast 125’ M/Y Lejos3

“Bella differenza!”

Captain Roberto Cuomo’s words on the Rolls-Royce Azipull Carbon C65 sum up the situation in just two words: “Bella differenza,” there’s a big difference.

“The Azipulls are a new concept in navigation,” he says from aboard M/Y Lejos3. “They’re a whole new way to navigate and to move a yacht that gives optimal results.

“I followed the training course in Norway and did sea trials aboard M/Y Lejos3, but this system is so innovative that it’s really going to take this summer’s experience at sea to really feel comfortable with it.

“I have mostly been using the traditional helm and not the joystick because I want to get used to one thing at a time.

“Because this system pulls instead of pushing you have to think differently. That takes some time to get used to, but once you get the hang of it you realise how well the hull shape works with the Azipulls. It’s really a pleasure to get out and run with this system: the yacht doesn’t vibrate, and it’s really stable and fast.

“All of the ‘Azipull Captains’ are in touch, we share our experiences with the system and can help each other out if any questions come up. “Tomorrow is our big day: we’re leaving St Tropez for Barcelona and I’m really looking forward to a long, fast run”.

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